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Monday, September 20, 2010

If I Had Enjoyed A Better Childhood . . .

Dear Fans ~

When asked why I always wanted to become a vampire, I consider my reply and try to answer honestly but the response is not simple.

If people had been as kind to me as my childhood dog, and that dog of mine had lived long as my alcoholic mother, and my alcoholic mother had hired me a loving nanny, and that loving nanny had snuck a good book to me, even on a rare occasion, then maybe I would have enjoyed a decent childhood. Maybe then, I would not have fantasized about becoming a powerful vampire so often. Maybe then I might never have moved to Seattle.

Yet I did fantasize and I did "become." I'm so glad I did! That's my short answer.

~ Vamchoir

(aka Ravena Doomlah)


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Famous Vampire Quotation