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Friday, April 22, 2011

Ancient Symbol For Protection: Algiz Rune

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Dear Fans ~

One of the vampires with the most years behind him is teaching me some powerful symbols that he learned way back from the Norse wise people, before he was resurrected from his humanity. This symbol, that looks something like an animal track made by a bird, is called Algiz (pronounced: "All Geese").

It also looks a lot like an elk's horn - used for protection, and protection is what this Norse Rune is all about.

My instructor said he failed to draw this symbol on his person (or on his neck) which is how the vampires were able to take him from his village. Since he swears by its power, I'm now drawing invisible Algiz symbols with my finger all over everything I own. I expect it to keep the other vampires from borrowing my stuff. So far so good!

~ Vamchoir (aka Ravena Doomlah)
Ravena & The Resurrected


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