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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Humans Who Call Themselves REAL VAMPIRES Really Aren't

Dear Fans ~

Humans who claim to be "vampire" may consider this post controversial. I mean no disrespect to them; only seek clarity for communicating effectively in modern English. I would have human admirers change their self description to "vampiry" instead of "real vampire." (But that's just me.)

The human bodies these creatures inhabit have not yet seen the necessary death and rebirth to become "real vampire." Even while they dress Goth and had fangs implanted over normal teeth, and though they might look something like a vampire, I can still hear their blood pulsing and it still smells of copper, iron and zinc. 

While resurrected vampires are full of medal, we have no metal in our circulatory systems. We also do NOT warm our lovers when we share a bed. 

Back when I was still human, I was a vampire wannabe. So on that level, I understand these humans who claim to be "real vampires." I also remember how very few of my human companions really understood my desire to be more powerful than I was; as a mortal. Yet I did not mistakenly label myself as "vampire." 

To find camaraderie with other like-minded people, I searched for friendship online. Thus, to assist any of my readers who may feel oppressed, who want to embrace their "vampiry" predatory nature, I would direct them here:  and here: May all my fans find deep friendship with like-minded souls before this next death! Until then . . .

~ Vamchoir

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