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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Lesser Known Vampires: Callicantzaroi (Chicken Riding Predators) Also Spelled: "Kallikantzaros"

Dear Fans ~
Eva (another vampire) insists the naked chicken-riding Leprechaun-type creature (pictured below) with deformed feet exists here in Seattle. When I've argued that I've lived here a few years and have never seen such, she explained that's because they're most active in the winter, when I'm hunkered down indoors trying to keep warm.

All that being stated, here's a rough drawing to illustrate what Eva described (as far as how a callicantzaroi looks). Supposedly these little faerie-vampires are much more vicious than they appear. Eva calls them "callicans" for short.

What's even more difficult to believe, than the fact that callicantzaroi exist, is the idea that Eva is actually afraid of them. She says they're very DANGEROUS; even for full size vampires. VHH (or "vlah-ha-ha").

Because I was curious to learn where Eva might have gotten her ideas, I went on the Internet to do some research on the topic. Below are a few worthwhile hyperlinks. (Remember Eva is very old -- she actually has scars on her feet because when she was born, on December 21st, her father held her over a fire to scald her toes and protect her from such creatures as these.)

Well, there are so many weird ideas that really old vampires have. Meanwhile, I've a vampire bash to go to.

~ Vamchoir
(aka Ravena Doomlah)


Famous Vampire Quotation

Famous Vampire Quotation