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Sunday, June 27, 2010

My Worst Nightmare (Sometimes In The Flesh)

Dear Fans ~

[You may click on the image to enlarge it.]

Even powerful vampires (like me)  have legitimate enemies to consider seriously. This creature drawn here is called a Ristian. I asked Author Tami Jackson to copyright this artwork for me (so I could share it with you). 

Severely disfigured creatures, like this Ristian, must walk upon her hands because most of her mid-and-lower body is missing. 

While I have not yet met a Ristian  in person, the ancients have told me many tales about such former-humans. In truth, I have seen much worse than this, the sort of violent cannibalism that keeps me always on my guard. The  ferociousness I've seen is much too horrifying to draw (and I certainly would not post any photographs that offensive here). Just trust me when I say that not all vampires are charming, good looking or the least bit amorous! Some prove exceedingly violent and cannot even be reasoned with!


~ Vamchoir
(Ravena Doomlah)

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