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Friday, June 25, 2010

Dancing The "TANGLE" With Marko ...


This drawing of me dancing with Marko sure brings back memories (good and bad ... mostly bad). I'd post a photo if I wasn't so incredibly camera shy.

On an entirely different topic: I've been reading the Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer.

As a real, living-breathing
vampire, I have to admit I've never met anybody by the name of Bella Swan or any of the Cullen family (unlike me, they're fictional characters). Just the same, if Stephenie Meyer's work had been nonfiction, I would have liked to have met Alice Cullen. (When you have lived for as many years as she supposedly has done, you don't go looking to date a rebellious teen-aged human -- silly Edward/lucky Bella!). Oh! That reminds me! I ran into a vampire-wannabe (goth) male outside of Seattle's Tenzing Momo herb shop today. He was pretty cute and was eating a pastry from Three Girl's Bakery (a little shop inside of Pike Place Market). Just seeing the sugary pleasure on his lips and smelling that lovingly crafted Almond Joy pastry ... well, it didn't seem appetizing to me now, but it did bring back so many delicious and pleasurable memories from my recent human past.

Meeting the goth (a pretend vampire) was so much better than meeting a real vampire who wears cacky-pants and polo-shirt. It's bad enough when people conformed to peer pressure -- seeing vampires pretend to be ultra conservative just seems WRONG wrong WRONG! I never have been (and never will be) a conformist. That I promise you. I will always be all that I can be, (er, that is,  without ever joining the army!)


~ Vamchoir
(aka Ravena Doomlah)

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