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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Damn-it Look Me In The Eyes When I'm Talking To You

Dear Fans ~

When I was a kid (long before I ever turned vampire) my dad would insist I look him in the eye, even while I was getting yelled at for doing some imaginary thing that got me in trouble. It took so much effort to look at him, when the eyes lead to the soul and my own soul felt so vulnerable (and the soul can be so easily injured).

Now that I've grown, I've had many encounters with people who have difficulty returning eye contact. In that respect, I'm glad for the lessons my dad taught me. Below is an excerpt from chapter twenty one, of Ravena & The Resurrected, where a half-faerie named Hogshead first met me in Seattle's historic underground. While he was giving me some helpful tips for how I might safely hunt, when I was nearly starving, he kept having trouble returning eye contact.

CHAPTER TWENTY ONE (excerpt from book)
Hogshead took another swig from his flask before looking up and down the hall, nervous again. “They’re still going to graveyards, those necromancers. Know why it’s a complete waste of their time?”

“No.” I admitted again. I was beginning to feel like I was in some sort of game show, where the questions kept coming, even when I kept missing all the answers.

“The Assassins have destroyed nearly every undead mute wearing grave clothes. They’ve practically exterminated the zombies!” Before gulping another swig, Hogshead snorted and I smelled fresh corn whiskey.

Then, while I stared at his flask, he reached over me to swat a fly and the odor wafting from his underarm stung my eyes worse than the acid in my nostrils. “So Hogshead,” I asked after a few hard blinks. “Why don’t you look me in the eye? You shy or something?”

I would tell you the very intelligent reason Hogshead gave for why he avoided making eye contact with me. Yet then it would ruin that segment of the book. Wouldn't it? Vlah-haha.

~ Vamchoir
(aka Ravena Doomlah)


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