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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Meet Legitimate Vampire Professor -

It's Thursday (aka "Thor's Day). Have you ever met a Vampire Professor? One who is actually credentialed in vampire studies? (That's NOT just Bertena Varney's avatar name - so I hope you will visit her blog!) 

You can just imagine the glee this vampire lair is feeling as author Tami Jackson travels to the REAL Vampire Professor's blog in Lexington, Kentucky, USA, today. 

That's where the author shares information about Ristian Vampires! (See the image of Hanna - where she walks about on two hands, has only one breast and the rest of her body is GONE.)

The Vampire Professor Bertena Varney posted all four of THESE pages about Ravena & The Resurrected:

If you haven't visited other blogs during this tour to learn about various characters in Ravena & The Resurrected already, please do it now. You can either see previous postings here at or view the entire calendar at:

Thank you, my friend, for remembering to leave comments on participating blogger's pages.

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Famous Vampire Quotation

Famous Vampire Quotation