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Friday, February 25, 2011

In Windsor Ontario Today - CHECK IT OUT!

Are you still following Tami Jackson during this author tour? YOU ROCK! (Thank you!) The entire vampire lair is visiting Windsor Ontario today. You've seen Harry Potter use floo powder, where he virtually FLEW, to where he needs to go, instantaneously. Now Author Jackson borrows some, and since it's Friday, she travels to middle Canada in a whoosh. That's where she interviews with Stephanie at

We're two weeks into this author blog tour. If you think you have read ENOUGH questions posed during interviews, think again. That's because Stephanie asks Tami really thought provoking questions such as: Do you share any of Ravena's personality traits?

For more links to postings made during this author's tour, see previous entries on this blog or visit where there's a LIST of blogsites the author has visited. 


natasha larry said...

keep up the good work! yay!

Vamchoir said...

Thank you so much, Natasha. You are so fun to blog hop back and forth with. :-D

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Famous Vampire Quotation