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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Moment Of Glory: Visitor In The Night

Dear Fans ~

A dark shadow appears while you are sleeping. You wipe the sleep from your eyes and try to focus. All of your senses are suddenly on alert and you know this entity or creature, whatever the shadow is, has awakened you with some clear goal or intention. That's all you know.

Your heart races. You've never felt more alive. Then, in the next moment, the vampire is on top of you. You cannot move. Yet you lay there willingly because just like someone whose suffered hypothermia, you suddenly find yourself in an incredibly contented state of erotic euphoria. Thus the vampire's satisfies his or her lust; momentarily.

~ Vamchoir
(aka Ravena Doomlah, main character, Ravena & The Resurrected)

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Famous Vampire Quotation

Famous Vampire Quotation