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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Gets Some R&R ("R & R" is short for Ravena & The Resurrected)!

Dear Fans ~

I know this may sound silly but I just now realized that book about me, Ravena & The Resurrected, has the very same acronym as "Rest and Relaxation."  This is why I must now ask you: What could possibly be more restful than kicking back and reading a contemporary and wickedly good vampire novel, also known as "R & R"?

Sure. I know LOTS of people think they don't have time to read a book. (They're the kind who need R&R the most!) 

Feeling stressed? Wanna strangle someone? Do it by living vicariously through the most heinous enemy ever described: the Assassins! "Ravena & the Resurrected" is exactly what the doctor ordered!

A sample chapter will be posted here very soon. Be sure you POUNCE on it, soon as it's available. 

Famous Vampire Quotation

Famous Vampire Quotation