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Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Dear Fans ~

The media moguls (humans) wanted to know what it was like being resurrected as a vampire. They assumed I would yearn to go back to being human again; as though humanity was somehow better or more evolved than a vampire's state of existence. Oh how self-deluded they truly are!

HERE'S WHAT I SAID (they published this quote.)

"Once you have been squished and fermented, made into wine, you cannot go back to being a fresh grape or berry. You must seize your new opportunities and become comfortable with what's different and stronger about you. Look forward, not back. Embrace your new consistency and flow with being a vampire." ~ Ravena Doomlah.

So there you have it. That's what I really think about my resurrection. If you're a hunk of bleau cheese, there's no use crying and yearning to be made into milk again. You've got to hug all your wonderful new qualities: sing, dance and shake your tambourine.


~ Vamchoir
(Ravena Doomlah)

~ Ravena Doomlah (aka "Vamchoir")

Famous Vampire Quotation

Famous Vampire Quotation