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Monday, July 5, 2010

Rumors For Consumers

Dear Fans ~

My great-grandma always told me never to repeat anything. So you need to listen to what I'm about to admit very closely. (I'm only gonna say this ONCE!)

Some of the older vampires have confirmed the Cullen family is alive and well and still living over in Forks. They weren't just fictional characters as I previously believed. (That's good news, in my opinion, because Carlisle Cullen, the doctor, is really a hotty! I'd also like to believe there are many more smart and intelligent vampires running around Washington state beyond those I've met so far here in Seattle.

On an entirely different topic, there's been quite a bit of tragedy happening on this side of Elliot Bay. Seems many dogs and cats have suddenly disappeared from fully-fenced back yards ... and when their carcasses are found, they're completely drained of blood.

That means there are terrible rumors going around. I'm not saying the rumors are true and I'm not saying they're NOT. I'm just saying . . . there have been no Chupacabra sightings this far north of the Mexican border! Point of me even mentioning this: The Cullens are being blamed! (You know: being vampire-vegetarians who only drink animal blood; as they do).

While humans who do not believe in vampires now suppose a surge in local coyote  populations are responsible for killing their pets, other's (albeit cantankerous and not always trustworthy sorts) insist it's definitely the Cullens!

Whether that family is guilty or not is no concern of mine. I just never understood the whole "vegetarian vampire" thing. I mean, I'd rather rip out the throat of a serial killer, a heinous war criminal (like Hitler) or a child rapist than feast off pour little innocent Fluffy or Spot. (I don't see the point in killing a human's pet/familiar; especially not since furry beings never did any harm to vampires). NOTE: Even a black bear or white tailed deer can be a pet to someone!

What's more, most vampires I know think those who consume animal blood soil the bloodlines. Our Elders insist animal blood makes us become geneticaly defective (getting lumpy ears and deformed fingers and toes).

Since I'm too new as a vampire to validate the truthfulness in such claims -- I'm just sharing what's being said around vampire circles.


~ Vamchoir
(Ravena Doomlah)

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Famous Vampire Quotation