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Monday, June 21, 2010

Where I Come From . . .

Dear Fans;

My difficult and lonely childhood was nothing compared to the harassment I endured as a teen and young adult. Ravena & The Resurrected begins with me working (in my human condition) at my first job in downtown Seattle. Yet just as the sun rises above the eastern horizon, I always fantasized of becoming a vampire – a resurrected being that nobody wants to mess with!

At least, my perception of vampires back then was they were ultra powerful, filthy rich, and deeply incredibly adored. I even assumed gaining a most desirable and faithful lover was going to be easy soon as I turned vampire!

Once bitten, however, my mysterious maker abandoned me and I struggled to survive while severe changes racked my body. Striking out on my own meant I earned a degree from the school of vampire hard knocks! Fortunately, I’m much tougher than the rat droppings found in Seattle’s dilapidated historic city (underground) where I set up temporary shelter. This book gives proof: I survived!

To arise from the depths, I must continually escape a most heinous enemy. That’s why I joined a prestigious lair. Thing is, I’ve always used my wits to outsmart my foes. I’ve never given up on my dreams. I’ve always known the empowered lifestyle was within my reach.
That’s what this book is about … my struggle from humanity to being resurrected and living with ancient beings when I’m the freshest face in the frightening neighborhood.


(Ravena Doomlah)


Famous Vampire Quotation

Famous Vampire Quotation