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Friday, June 18, 2010


Dear Fans ~

You still here? That's pretty amazing considering how often people around Seattle look at me sideways (now that they're starting to accept the reality that not everyone around them looks entirely human -- they often present themselves in a fearful pose; as though wanting to run the other way). 

Things are rapidly changing in our society; especially in regards to the weather, public policies and social points of view. When vampires, werewolves, faeries and elves, become more accepted publicly, the world religions will change as well. How will that affect you? (How will your perception of life be transformed?)

In some ways I wish I had been resurrected for a much longer time and had not been human so recently. Then I could more easily contrast what's happening in our world today to what's taken place as far back as medieval times. Perhaps I shall ask one of the old ones from my former lair to comment; ask that aged vampire to elaborate on how change is moving much more quickly today than ever before in Earth's history.  


(aka: Ravena Doomlah)

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Famous Vampire Quotation