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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Doing Things You Never Thought You'd Ever Do

Hey Delicious Fans ~

It's been a while since I've made a personal appearance on this blog. So much has been happening at the new lair, and I've been a little tied up, literally. Yet it's all good because my captor is truly tall, dark and extremely handsome. (Do you get my meaning?)

Meanwhile? I haven't forgotten about you - my aromatic human. (You still smell delicious. Feel like I could drink you up, literally.)

Of course, by now you have figured out that this is Ravena (not Tami, the author of Ravena & The Resurrected) who is writing, for a much welcomed change. Gotta love Tami, but she hasn't been keeping up with this blog like she really should. Catch my drift?

So, my ambrosial human, how have you been? Looks like you gained a little weight since I last posted. Don't get offended by that observation. It just makes you look all the more alluring to me. Mwah-hahaha.

At any rate ... I plan to post quite a bit more regularly in the next couple of weeks so please stay tuned. There's so much you really do NOT want to miss. Trust me on that. After all? I'm a vampire. (Thank the gods for such small favors.)

~ Ravena Doomlah
Ravena & The Resurrected

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