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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Don't Assume My Fangs Are Rubber!

Dear Fans ~

Very few have doubted whether I actually have a spine but I really proved my strength today while staring down what would have been a very intimidating exchange with a human male who hoped to prey upon me, sexually. Obviously he assumed I was an unsuspecting and submissive human. 

"Hey baby!" he said, before he realized I was vampire. If he'd paid any sort of attention to me, he would have noticed my bi-colored green and gold retinas. Then, when I didn't acknowledge him, he grabbed my arm; tightly.

I told him to "back off" but he got a little more frisky, and, since he wouldn't do as I said and attempted to grope me, I had to kill him.

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~ Vamchoir (aka Ravena Doomlah)

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Famous Vampire Quotation

Famous Vampire Quotation