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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Vampire Dresmona's In Toronto Visiting - 2/17/11

It's a new day, and Tami Jackson found a new way to travel. She bought pixie dust from a traveling wizard and instantly appeared in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Problem is, the wizard failed to mention that humans must always cover their mouths and noses to speed-travel that way, or risk suffering a terribly loud and obnoxious case of bullfrog-sounding hiccups.

That's why, when you visit Natasha's magical blog, Tami won't actually be there. Instead of her loud croaking, you'll be hearing from Vampire Dresmona (pictured, of Ravena & The Resurrected fame). She flew almost as fast as the speed of light to fill in for the author.

Don't worry about Tami. We promise she won't croak in any permanent sort of way. Other vampires have found that ridiculous wizard and they are bringing both him (a bit pale-looking, considering his blood loss) and the hiccup cure to Toronto. Tami should be feeling better in no time. 

Be sure to post a comment when you visit Natasha's blog. Then, check back tomorrow for new directions, or follow our detailed travel plan that's outlined on this author tour calendar.

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Famous Vampire Quotation