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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Author Goes To India: Interviews with Varsha at Kerala University

As usual ... click on any image to enlarge it.

It's Sunday, so Tami Jackson's taking it easy while visiting vampire-book author Varsha Dinesh on her blog "Fiction Flair"

TOPIC FOR THE DAY: Author Interview. Varsha asks such compelling questions as:  "Let's talk cartoons! Tell us a little about your cartoon works."

Please be sure to say "Hi Varsha" when you stop by. To see what stops are left during this author tour, check out the calendar!


Natasha Larry said...

I should have asked about the cartoons! DARN IT. Ah well. I know it's dorky, seeing as how you gave it to me. But...lovely blog award!

Vamchoir said...

Thank you so much for giving Vamchoir your blog award, Natasha. That's so sweet. Since I distributed awards from just the other day I think I'll wait again to give out more of them. (I do feel very grateful!)

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Famous Vampire Quotation