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Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Dear Fans ~

In "Ravena & The Resurrected" (R&R), the book about me, there are more than a few made-up words. Here's a short list of some.

Clanpire: A fellow clan member whose a vampire (as differentiated from a clan member whose a werewolf).

Gothpire: A vampire whose dresses in dark Gothic, usually black, clothes. They’re very open minded and often have ideas that seem strange to main stream individuals who often lack any sense of style themselves.

Hepire: Male vampire.

Merpeople: (Unbelievably, the common dictionary did not already have this word in it. Meanwhile, we're not sure that Ravena & The Resurrected is the first publication to use this reference) gender inclusive term for mermen and mermaids.

Pastarian: vegetarian who only consumes pastries (and maybe coffee).
Hideously nasty vampires in the astral. These are an ugly aberration of what you usually think of as "vampire." Ristians are ridiculously powerful. A Ristian is so foul, a giant house cat might want bury one in the litter box (if only a Ristian could actually be caught and the sand were actually deep enough).

Shepire: Female vampire.

Vamchoir: Vampire who sings. Also the name main character Ravena Doomlah adopts whenever communicating with fans on-line.

I double-dare you to find MORE made-up words when you read R&R. If you find such a word, post it here. Then, if you send
SunTigerMOJO [at] gmail [dot] com and the publisher will send YOU a buck via PayPal! (No joke.)
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