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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thanksgiving Makes Mortals More Tasty

Dear Fans ~

Just as no two humans are exactly alike, so no two vampires are exactly alike. Yet the difference between a human and a vampire is even more pronounced. Humans, as a rule, have many more insecurities. Many don't know their life purpose -- or how they might best invest whatever time they have left between now and the grave.

In contrast, vampires tend to be much more self confident. That's due in part to the fact that our death is not nearly so imminent. Also, having so many humans who worship us (pretty much the same way humans receive consistent adoration from their pet dogs) there's little room for a vampire to suffer too much loneliness. While some humans hate vampires, others are willing to prostrate themselves and become our favored two-legged pets.

In such ways humans could be regarded as vampires' best friend. Yet better than a dog, they also serve us breakfast in the same manner chickens offer humans fried eggs. In my experiences, feeder-humans have seemed rather happy to accommodate our blood lust. For that I am grateful. Happy Thanksgiving humans. Eat until you are utterly bloated and entirely complacent. VHH (vlah haha)

~ Vamchoir

P.S. The following cartoon is part of the reason why Vampires don't celebrate the harvest season. We avoid abrasive situations. Yet we also have no seasonal harvest to celebrate. (Humans ripe for the plucking can be found year round.)

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