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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Nothing's Creepier Than Meeting The Black Dog (Hellhound) aka "Black Shuck"

I endured a most horrifying encounter with a hellhound (aka mythological "black dog" or creature of doom) just last night. Mythology says when a vampire or human comes across such a beast -we've only two weeks to live before we're either anihilated or murdered. That certainly causes me to quive inside my Bergdorf Goodman high heeled red shoes.
I've learned about the hellish supernatural black hounds from a variety of sources and every account suggests I should now expect to be ripped apart. I learned from:
  • My personal encounter -- I had rescued what I thought was a black labrador from a man who was beating it. Yet when I stepped in to intercede (because the dog was whimpering and I took pity) soon as I had secured the attacking man, the hound looked me square in the face. It's eyes glowed yellow and its hellish bad breath smelled so foul the little hairs inside my nostrils singed. It was obvious then, when the beast snarled (a hauntingly frightening reverberating tone unlike anything I had ever heard before) that this beast was no ordinary dog. It had never nursed a canine and was not from this world.
  • Stories my great-granmother had told me about hellhounds involved the dangerous-dog tracking its prey and howling for 14 days before making its final and fatal attack. I realized my encounter could not be dismissed as mere coincidence and now feel like I've received a serious warning: "beware; for you will be ripped apart." Yet that makes me feel very wary for the thirteen days to come and I don't want to live the next two weeks in fear. RESEARCH: In Scandanavian history the hellhound guards the Underworld and can be summoned by a worker in black magic to collect what the beast believes to be a lost sheep from its own territory. Obviously I'm no sheep - but judging by how the hellhound looked at me, it seems clear, that it doesn't realize that. Also called the "black shuck" the hellhound I met is known world-wide. Yet one of the most recent documented encounters happened in Yorkshire (<- click to read story). I'm still not sure what to do about having met the black dog. I feel haunted now but cannot make real sense of what happened. Was the beast's warning specifically targeting me? Or could the warning have been for the man beating it and I just stepped in at the wrong time? I have no way of knowing the answer. Only time will tell what is to be.

~ Vamchoir

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