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Saturday, September 4, 2010

A Vampire's Most Embarrassing Moment!

Maybe the title of this post should have been labeled: "NEW BEGINNINGS (Unlike Werewolves? They can really SUCK!)"

Wouldn't it be super great if every life change or new "stage" of existence came with an exhaustive "owner's manual." If it did, then you and I could simply READ to avoid life's most embarrassing pitfalls. Then when we stumbled, we'd be tripping on purpose and would be prepared to make a joke about it.

Instead, I'm walking in circles trying to figure out how to regain my composure. Admittedly, I'm the newest vampire amidst moth ball smelling ancient beings and trust me when I say this is no game of musical chairs!  Mingling with such skillful predators feels terribly threatening, dangerous and overwhelming at times. Right now, however, I feel like I'm the laughingstock of this place; which I've named "Camp Resurrected" in my mind. 

So here's my selfless sharing of why I feel so utterly discombobulated: (Be sure to laugh WITH me and not AT me. Okay?) 

For a computer geek who loves to read and used to work at the library ... you'd think I'd have researched the meaning of "manpire" long before now. Fortunately, being a prima donna I am rather resourceful (at least I hope to be called "diva" once I can finally stop making a habitual fool of myself).

So here's your link; in case you (like me) didn't know what the term "manpire" really means.

Later ~
(aka "Ravena Doomlah")


Famous Vampire Quotation

Famous Vampire Quotation